About us


Baczewski Restauracja is dedicated to the Baczewski family - famous patrons and public figures of Lviv, who lived in Lviv from the end of the 18th century until the first half of the 20th century. They were the founders of one of the world's first horilka factories in 1782, and exported it from Lviv all over the world.

When creating , we were inspired by the surroundings and history of "Merry Lviv" - those times when it was the capital of theaters, cabarets, festivals and a harbor for the entertainment of the aristocracy from the entire Austro-Hungarian Empire.


The cuisine at Baczewski Restauracja is a mixture of tastes and culinary traditions of different ethnic groups that inhabited Galicia - Ukrainians, Poles, Jews, Armenians and the influence of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, which created the Galician gastronomic phenomenon - colorful cuisine with original dishes that You can try only in Lviv.

Gastronomy in the restaurant is a new Galician cuisine: already traditional Galician recipes in modern author's interpretations. The menu includes variations of Galician, Austrian, Lithuanian, Polish, and Jewish recipes, according to ancient records developed by chef Oleksandr Chernyshenko.

Here you can taste Halasle soup, Lviv-style gefilte fish, Zhurek according to Pani Stefa's recipe, Chicken necks with cymes, Lviv cheesecake, and of course - branded liqueurs and infusions - the restaurant has more than a hundred original recipes. The restaurant has its own liqueur master - Yuriy Pidvirny - who works on ancient recipes for liqueurs and infusions, creating new unique tastes.


Today, the Baczewski restaurant has three floors with different halls, the main of which is a greenhouse surrounded by greenery and singing canaries. The restaurant regularly hosts lunches and dinners accompanied by harp, cello or piano, as well as gastronomic and intellectual events.

Breakfast is a special event at the Baczewski restaurant. In the morning, guests can enjoy an unlimited buffet at a fixed price filled with appetizers, desserts, fruits, and drinks. Here, people are treated to sparkling wine or a glass of liquor for breakfast.


The author's cocktail menu was developed by the restaurant's brand bartender Ivan Zelyk - it is the result of a combination of recipes from local alcohol and classics of world bar culture. Special attention is paid here to home-made infusions and liqueurs, which are included in the original cocktails.


In the restaurant You will find a shop with a large collection of horilka, infusions, and liqueurs from J.A. Baczewski - the company of the Baczewski family. Here You can also purchase farm products from local producers: cheeses, pickles or marinades. And handmade souvenirs will not leave anyone indifferent.

Baczewski Restauracja is a large team of people who work diligently to realize Your cultural and gastronomic wishes. 

Bon appétit!